Presentations will be conducted by Commanders representing the following tactical teams:

Maryland State Police S.T.A.T.E.
Metropolitan Police ERT
Miami Dade SWAT
Montgomery Co. Maryland SWAT
Chicago SWAT
Dallas SWAT
Las Vegas Metro SWAT
Los Angeles Co. Sheriff's S.E.B.

The Westfield Marriott, a five-star hotel and former Presidential retreat, in Chantilly, Virginia is host to the OpTac International Tactical Command Conference. The Conference is designed to provide commanders, team leaders, and special operations personnel with a contemporary perspective on issues relating to tactical command, critical incident management, and SWAT tactics.

Informative sessions on hostage rescue, armed barricaded suspects, and high-risk entry tactics will be presented by commanders representing many of the most operational teams on the east and west coasts. Presentations will include recommended SWAT tactics and unique tactical debriefings to enhance officer safety and operational success. The concurrent Vendor Exhibition will display new and innovative products for attendees to test and evaluate.

To register for the OpTac International Tactical Command Conference send check or credit card payment for $399 per person; $1,999 per tactical team (up to 10 members) to: OpTac International, Inc., Post Office Box 4111, Hagerstown, Maryland 21741.

For further information please contact us at:
Phone: 443.61.OPTAC(67822)

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$399 per person
$1,999 per tactical team (up to 10 members)
Open To Law Enforcement and Military Personnel Only

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