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SWAT Team and Sniper Selection Process

Incidents of Law Enforcement and Military Suicide

Officer-Involved Shootings – An investigative perspective

Officer-Involved Shootings – An officer’s perspective

SWAT Fitness

Wound Ballistics

Open Forum

Lessons Learned: Debriefing of a dramatic incident where a suicide bomber was shot and killed by tactical team members while holding multiple hostages inside the Discovery Channel headquarters. This dynamic presentation covers: tactical planning, operational considerations, integration of bomb technicians, negotiations, sniper deployment, and the successful tactical resolution.

Lessons Learned: Debriefing of an incident in which a suspect shot and killed three police officers. Almost 4,000 rounds were exchanged in the ensuing gun battle with police that culminated in the suspect's surrender after a police sniper's round disabled the suspect's AK-47.

Lessons Learned: Debriefing of a hostage rescue operation where multiple explosive charges did not provide a complete breach. Once inside the bedroom, the SWAT team leader while grabbing the suspect's gun, shot and killed him saving the hostage who was on top of the suspect at the time.

Lessons Learned: Debriefing of a critical incident involving a suicidal former law enforcement firearms instructor that fired over 40 rounds at the police. He was subsequently shot by a police sniper who only saw the suspect's rifle barrel.

All debriefings are conducted by tactical personnel directly involved with the incidents.

Additional topics coming soon