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The OpTac International National SWAT/Sniper Symposium offers a unique opportunity to participate in informative training, tactics, and policy sessions with commanders, team leaders, SWAT/counter-terrorist team specialists, tactical medical personnel, and snipers from around the world.

Innovative solutions for maximum team effectiveness will be presented by leaders in the field. The concurrent Vendor Exhibition will display new products for attendees to test and evaluate.

As the SWAT Commander of a 27 member part-time team, I implemented a number of procedural and operational changes as a direct result of the information provided at the [OpTac International] National Sniper/SWAT Symposium. Three weeks later, our team was activated for a barricaded suicidal individual with a 30/30 rifle. The suspect exited his house and began shooting in multiple directions, creating an immediate life- threatening danger to perimeter SWAT members and citizens. The suspect was shot and killed by one of our snipers, who also attended the previous year's Symposium. My team performed in an exemplary manner. I am convinced that the information learned from the SWAT/Sniper Symposium had a direct effect on the operational success of this activation and helped prevent injury to citizens in the area and to my SWAT team members.

I highly recommend the National SWAT/Sniper Symposium to all SWAT members and especially team Commanders. There is no doubt that members from our agency will attend every year. Thank you for your commitment to exceptional training for members of the SWAT community.

Lieutenant Steven Scott
SWAT Commander
Monroe Co., New York Sheriff's Office

“Stuart Meyers and the OpTac International crew are to be commended once again on a first class job and first class training - well done. The expert instruction combined with the professional level of attendees makes for a Symposium that can't be beat. The speakers, hotel, vendors, and OpTac International were all great!”

Sergeant Gordon Adams
Vermilion, Ohio Police Dept.

“Another terrific Symposium. The trip is always the highlight of my training year. All instructors were poised and knowledgeable. The debriefings are always excellent, but I also like the sniper development topics. Only serious students of sniping attend the Symposium offering great networking. Thanks!”

Officer Mark Lundin
San Francisco, California Police Dept.

“The speakers were true professionals, again year after year. It makes me proud and humble at the same time to interact with the caliber of people who are willing to be so open and honest. Thank you again.”

Captain John Geary
Middlesex, Massachusetts Sheriff's Office

“I have always admired how you do NOT do what everyone else does, and how you truly gear your training to the police professional. The Symposium was invaluable and well worth the out of pocket expenses. I came back with about 15 pages of notes and at least three or four solid changes to my SOP that will be made as a result of the information you provided. I would love to see your training more often in the West. Thanks Again.”

Sergeant Dave Bahde
South Salt Lake, Utah Police Dept.

“The National SWAT/Sniper Symposium provided excellent instructor presentations with a mix of doctrine and debriefings. The Symposium is an annual event for our training branch.”

Constable Nigel Lawrence
Durham, Canada Regional Police