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Mr. Stuart A. Meyers
Chief Executive Officer, OpTac International, Inc.; Author, A Guide To Police Sniping and Police Sniper Administrative Policy & Training; Co-Author, SWAT Fitness

Ms. Dellanira Meyers
President, OpTac International, Inc.; Suicidology Expert and Thantologist

Supervisory Special Agent Buford Boone
Supervisor, FBI Ballistic Research Facility

Supervisory Special Agent Scott Patterson
FBI Ballistic Research Facility

Lieutenant Bobby Day
Commander, Kentucky State Police

Lieutenant Claude Little
Investigative Lieutenant, Kentucky State Police

Sergeant Jeff Nyce
Tactical Commander, Montgomery County, Maryland Police Tactical Team

Corporal Al Gray (Ret.)
Pacific Region Supervisor, Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Officer Stephen Mescan
Commander, Pittsburgh Bureau of Police SWAT Team

Police Officer IIA Troy Wilson
Sniper Team Leader, Las Vegas, Nevada Metropolitan Police SWAT Team

Police Officer Ritch Melchert
Sniper Team Leader, Henderson, Nevada SWAT Team

Police Officer Justin Simo
Sniper, Henderson, Nevada SWAT Team


Additional instructors will soon be listed