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Officer Down - Strategic Mindset for Physical and Psychological Survival of Multiple Gunshot Wounds

Psychological Effects of Traumatic Incidents

The Aftermath of Officer/Sniper-Involved Shootings

Legal and Ethical Considerations for SWAT Team Management and Deployment

New Tactics for Explosive Glass Removal

Creating and Deploying in Sniper Vehicle Hides

Innovative Sniper Training Techniques/Role of the Sniper

Under Fire - The Importance of a Tactical Emergency Medical Response

Lessons Learned: Debriefing of the dramatic hostage rescue operation in Columbia that rescued 15 hostages including Columbian presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt

Lessons Learned: Debriefing of a multi-million dollar methamphetamine and cocaine operation where a SWAT Lieutenant was shot in the neck and immediate medical intervention by the team doctor saved his life.

Lessons Learned: Debriefing of an ambush where a patrol officer was shot and a fire department medic was killed by the suspect. The SWAT team rescued pinned-down firefighters while the suspect fired shots from inside a burning building.

Lessons Learned: Debriefing of a hostage rescue operation at a university where after killing his three roommates, the suspect took his girlfriend and three other people hostage in her dorm room. A police sniper shot and killed the suspect after negotiators advised he was preparing to kill the hostages.

Lessons Learned: Debriefing of a hostage rescue operation where a forcible entry was made under fire to rescue the hostage. The suspect, after attempting to shoot a SWAT officer was shot and killed by a police sniper deployed as a member of the entry team.

Lessons Learned: Debriefing of an incident where a patrol officer responded to check the welfare of three people later found murdered. The officer was shot by the suspect who was subsequently killed by a police sniper.

Lessons Learned: Debriefing of a high-risk warrant service at a hotel where the suspect shot a SWAT officer through the window and was then shot and killed when officers engaged him through the wall.

All debriefings will be conducted by tactical personnel directly involved with the incidents.