The Westfield Marriott, a five-star hotel and former Presidential retreat, in Chantilly, Virginia is host to the OpTac International National SWAT/Sniper Symposium. For three days, from January 18-20, 2008, leaders in the field of tactical operations will provide informative sessions on innovative sniper and command operational planning, tactics, and deployment. In addition, the management of sniper personnel, training, and critical incident debriefings are covered. The concurrent Vendor Exhibition will display new and innovative products for attendees to test and evaluate.

"This is it! The one place and annual event where sniper teams gather to share fresh tactics, new equipment, and training methods. All instructors were excellent! The one benefit not listed on the Symposium agenda is the heartfelt, emotional impact of being in the same room with over 300 fellow snipers who are engaged in the same budgetary, administrative, training, and deployment battles we all face daily. I'll be back!"

Assistant Sniper Team Leader Neal Ash
Thornton, Colorado Police Department

"The Symposium offers the opportunity to learn and to compare the way my team operates in comparison to other big budget larger teams. The instructors were very knowledgeable and well spoken.... I am a face in a big crowd but you have made a positive and tremendous influence on me personally and I will continue to train hard and with a purpose. Thanks!"

Lieutenant Alex "Skip" Keeper
Jackson Co., Mississippi Sheriff's Office

"Another terrific Symposium. The trip is always the highlight of my training year. All instructors were poised and knowledgeable. The debriefings are always excellent, but I also like the sniper development topics. Only serious students of sniping attend the Symposium offering great networking. Thanks!"

Officer Mark Lundin
San Francisco, California Police Department

"I liked that the Symposium did not just focus on snipers. There was also a lot of good information for entry people! The instructors were very good with a good cross-section of information."

Officer Patrick Bell
Washtenaw Co., Michigan Sheriff's Office

"This is my 4th visit to the Symposium since 1999. I take back a lot of information [to my team]. The lessons learned debriefs are great. The instructors are excellent and humble. Good job!! Thanks."

Team Commander Steve Campbell
Emergency Task Force, Toronto Police Service