Tactical Identification System


Medical Emergency Data Systems, Inc. has introduced a new identification and information system for police and correction officers. Adapted from the Medical Information Carrier System used in industrial and recreational applications, the system provides vital personal and medical information about the officer in case of an emergency.

The simple identification/information system is made up of several components. A waterproof data sheet that contains the personal and medical information of the person is similar to a miniature hospital chart. Data contained on this form provides the essential information needed by EMS staff in the event of an illness or injury. The completed data form is placed in highly visible carriers that attach to the inside of a helmet and the ID/driver's license of the officer. An additional heavy duty dog-tag style carrier is included. This carrier can be worn on a neck chain and has two compartments. One houses a cuff or gun locker key and the deeper pocket contains the data form.

Price: $6.00 Each